It is a residence where the young talents of FC Barcelona from soccer, basketball, handball or futsal, live, eat and study.

In “La Masia” the players are accompanied all day by personnel affiliated with La Masia and they become an important part of their sports education. Players are trained to handle the emotional aspects that will be of great help in all areas of the player’s career.

FC Barcelona players are facing a crucial stage that will directly affect their preparation for this new challenge in their career.

Players in La Masia are trained to understand what it means to be a professional in the world of sports, players will be trained to know what their goals will be and thus be able to make the most of them for themselves and for the club.

The players will also participate in various communication workshops in which they will learn to speak in public, cope with press conferences and mixed areas, and manage relationships with various media to prepare for their first personal interviews. 

Players also participate in workshops that will have their first contact with the world of finance, marketing and advertising, three areas that will be part of the players’ careers, such as the creation of their own brand, which must be consistent with the club policy and values.

Knowledge of the academic environment is absolutely necessary for contact with the press, the economy, social networks, nutrition, marketing, etc …

La Masia is a home where all the athletes  are helped to achieve their goals.